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Vincent van Gogh, Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (Interpretation in Red), 1890

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Jean-Honoré Fragonard :
The Progress of Love: The Lover Crowned (1771-1772) details.

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Since porn portrays women as nothing more than sex objects that need to be dominated, it’s not surprising that porn users often start seeing real women that way as well.

We will never dismantle misogyny as long as objectification and domination is eroticized. We will also never stop racism. Nor will we mount an effective resistance to fascism, since fascism’s root is ultimately the eroticization of domination and subordination.

Deep Green Resistance is fighting to protect what’s left of a living earth and healthy human communities. We are a radical feminist organization and we stand in solidarity with those working to stop the sex exploitation industry (pornography, adult entertainment, pornstitution, etc) that trafficks and abuses women and others for the benefit of men. We support the criminalization of those who trade in and profit from the degradation of human beings - and we support full-range social services for those wishing to leave the sex exploitation industry.

For more facts about the impact of pornography on human development and social health, and why we need to dismantle sex exploitation: http://ift.tt/1y80FQ2

http://ift.tt/15Dit6r http://ift.tt/1y80FQ5

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